Somewhere over the rainbow, something went terribly wrong…

Gifted artist Jess de Wahls writes eloquently and clearly about gender identity ideology – it clarifies a lot of the vocabulary commonly used. Image shows the artwork discussed and created by Jess.

“Somewhere over the Rainbow, something went terribly wrong… That is the title of my embroidery which you can see at the top of this page. Being a visual artist, I don’t often explain my ideas and concepts in detail, leaving interpretations mostly up to the viewer. I found it necessary however to accompany my art with words on this occasion.

I’ve started and finished this post many times. Had friends read over and edit it, took a break to digest, then scrapped half of it. I have tried to replace anger with compassion and, finally, this is the version I feel ready to share with everybody who’d like to read it.

My hope is that this will help you, the reader, the viewer, to understand my conclusions about this subject. And I will tell you them candidly so no mistake can be made in misunderstanding or misrepresenting me.”

Read More (and see her amazing art work!!)

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