Groups & Websites


Scottish Women 

There is an incredible amount of work here by Susan Sinclair on this site. It is full of research, including FOIs (Freedom of Information requests) about current and proposed law.

Women & Girls Scotland

Another grass roots group, carrying out research, with downloadable reports ideal for sharing with MSPs and MPs as well as in the community. Also has leaflets and more information will be added.

Women Make Glasgow

“Women Make Glasgow was created with the sole intention of having this policy withdrawn, and then a more acceptable policy – compliant with the Equality Act single sex exemptions for sport and privacy – be put in its place. We have drafted such a policy and it forms the content of this blog.”

Fairplay for Women Scottish GRA consultation results

Woman’s Place UK

The group which organises meetings and talks by women especially those ignored. Most recently 700 men and women attended a meeting in London to discuss the impact of trans participants and new regulations upon women and girls in sport.

For Women Scotland

MBM Policy Analysis Collective

A formidable trio of women researching the impact upon women of policy changes. Most recent article focused on prison reform and how third sector groups are influencing official policy.

Redline – contemporary Marxist analysis

A site with several papers on gender ideology and the implicit misogyny and homophobia in the movement. Written from a Marxist viewpoint, it is good to note that at the moment only the Communist Party in the UK and Morning Star newspaper are brave enough to stand alongside gender critical women.