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Women’s Hub Scotland are happy to support the work of the Women’s Rights movement across the country. We hope to bring together the latest news, articles, resources and actions in a way that allows supporters to easily access information and join others in keeping up to date with the GRA consultation and any proposed changes which will have an impact on women and girls rights.

Navigating this site

  • About – what is the Women’s Hub about?
  • Letter to MSPs – a suggested draft letter which can be sent to all 8 MSPs on the new consultation. Please feel free to amend it and if possible, meet your MSP at a surgery. (also has a link to ‘Write to Them’ for contacting them).
  • Blog Articles – latest articles and information will be linked to from here.
  • Groups and Websites – the heart of the website: here you can find the amazing groups already working, raising awareness and researching on Women’s Rights in Scotland.
  • Articles & Further Reading: we hope to host articles by prominent writers and transcripts of talks. Too often women’s writing is taken down by sites when they challenge gender ideology. We think this is unhelpful for discussion.
  • GRA Factsheet: what exactly IS the GRA and why do some people think it needs to change? What will the changes be? This page will be updated as new information comes in from the Scottish Government – we hope that they will be changing the proposals to take account of the feedback women are trying to get through to them.